Bulbs with pressure control valves

NameVolume in cm³ (ml)Item no.*Pressure control valveMaterialL in mmD in mm
Inline pump size 3 with pressure control valve Z652.20655103.2.xx142Z652.20Plastic with metal insert9349
Pump bulb with pressure control valve Z674.20457203.2.xx151Z674.20Metal (chrome-plated)8243
Pump bulb standard
with pressure control valve Z640.20

* The “xx” in the item numbers is replaced with the color codes (see color codes).

All pressure control valves can be combined with different pump and suction bulbs. Our sales team would be glad to advise you.

Standard colors:
bulbs in 00 red-brown, 10 pastel blue, 20 black, other colors upon request.

Bulb material:
physiologically unobjectionable, phthalate-free, cadmium-free, latex-free, Shore hardness 52 A, other Shore hardness upon request.

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