For three generations our motto has always been the same: “Quality is our passion.”

Our company’s history began with Albert Zerstäuberfabrik, founded by Rudolf Albert Sr., inventor of the mechanical atomizer pump; a revolutionary product that is still in use today.

Although Albert Zerstäuberfabrik was acquired in the early 70’s, the spirit of Albert Sr.’s enterprise was carried on through the formation of a new company, Albert Hohlkörper, which employed proprietary manufacturing techniques (namely, rotational molding of pump and suction bulbs) that were retained through the sale of Albert Zerstäuberfabrik.

With this expertise in rotational and injection molding, Albert Hohlkörper laid the foundation for what is today the Albert Group.

After many successful years, Albert Sr.’s legacy of excellence was carried forward into a new generation under the careful guidance of his son, Rudolf Albert. Since that time, the Albert Group has grown into a multinational enterprise. Albert is now represented in six countries on two continents and produces and sells medical and technical products worldwide.

1948    Founding of the Albert Zerstäuber Fabrik by Mr. Rudolf Albert (I.)
Manufacturing of pump atomizers for the cosmetic industry.


Starting of own rotation manufacturing and starting of injection molding line

1974Founding of Albert Hohlkörper in Hemer
Field of activity: Manufacturing of pump bulbs on a rotation basis for the cosmetic and medical industry.

1980Takeover of the Management by Mr. Rudolf Albert (II.)
Own production technologies for the rotational technique are developed.

1984Foundation of the first overseas branch in the USA

Further foundations of overseas branchs

2015Entry into the Management by Mr. Rudolf Albert jr. (III.)

2024    50 year anniversary