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With years of experience and the highest quality standards in the industry, we are the perfect partner for your product needs. From our innovative technologies and materials to our continuous improvements in production processes we are always able to offer you the best product at the best price.

Our mother and child products such as nasal aspirators or breast pumps are sold worldwide on the consumer level in retail stores as well as commercially in doctors’ offices and hospitals. We also produce many of the key components that make up the blood pressure testing devices used in medical practices worldwide.

As part of their lab research, many scientists work with Albert pipettes, cupping glasses, and general pump and suction bulbs. While those in physical therapy fields make wide use of our massage and gymnastic balls.

You can even find our products at work in the automotive industry, where they are used for adjustable lumbar support in a variety of different seating options.

The uses of our products is limitless. Contact us.
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