Your reliable partner in rotational molding.

Our method of rotational molding allows us to manufacture seamless pumps and suction bulbs with complex geometries as a single, seamless unit with a very high degree of form stability.

We are specialists in the processing of soft PVC (SAROLIT®), which has been developed in-house and is a generally approved, cadmium-free, stabilized plastisol with a phthalate-free plasticizer and does not contain latex.

We can manufacture parts of all sizes very economically; from a small 20-millimeter diameter bulb all the way up to large gymnastic balls with a diameter of up to a yard. Our engineering design department uses the most modern CAD technologies which enables them to produce designs quickly and accurately, allowing for the earliest possible start of production. Furthermore, since we also produce and design our own tools, prototypes can be ready within a few days.